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Carved Mother of Pearl Victorian Fountain Pen with Extra Signature #6 Nib

Long before the time of computers, email, and text message shortcuts, our ancestors wrote letters in longhand — a near-inconceivable concept for many these days.  Thoughts on love and war, historical events and day-to-day trivia were captured on paper and shared from..


Vintage Sterling Silver Native American Watch Tips with 14k Gold Accents

Vintage pair of 14k and sterling silver Native American watch tips, with what appears to be a waves motif, accompanied by footprints, a broken or bent arrow, a days and nights symbol, along with what may be an S-coiled snake. Each of the raised Native American symbols is fin..


Zuni Robert & Bernice Leekya Sterling Silver Kingman Turquoise Watch Band Tips

Vintage Robert and Bernice Leekya Zuni sterling silver Kingman turquoise watch band tips, featuring six oval genuine, natural turquoise nuggets, three on each side, graduating in size and set in serrated bezels.Best known for their bold turquoise nugget jewelry, Rober..


Hammered Art Deco Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

Fabulous sterling silver cigarette case with a hand-hammered art deco finish and a hint of a gold-wash finish to the inner lining. The case lid is spring loaded, and there is a spring-loaded arm on the inside to secure the contents. Weighing in at a hefty 120 grams, this ca..